Can Petite Women Safely Give Birth Vaginally?

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Can petite women give birth safely? Absolutely, everybody comes in different shapes and sizes and as a matter of fact I was given a very rude awakening when I had a very, very petite young lady, 4ft 11 to be exact who delivered a 13 pound baby. No epidural and only and two pushes, and she was absolutely amazing, and it goes to show that everybody can deliver vaginally has the potential to do it.

I'm here to dispel the myth that because you're small or you think that you're small or you don't have your mother's hips that you cannot deliver vaginal, but remember in labor it's about the powers of the uterus, the position of the baby and your pelvis, the three piece are very very important and only until labor is it actually decided whether you're going to deliver vaginally or not.