Life sciences

Connect with the
right patients at the
right time for the
right results

Keeping healthy people healthy, changing lifestyles of people at risk, and optimizing care for those with chronic conditions. Strengthen these pillars of healthcare in your community at speed and scale with Sharecare. Engage your current patients, acquire new patients, and improve the health of the communities you serve.

All the elements for health engagement together, better.

Our advanced platform puts patients in control of their health journey. Earn the opportunity to move patients forward in that journey as a sponsor.

1st party data

100 million members


like a health chatbots and virtual assistants

Positive results

for millions of patients and hundreds of sponsors


for the entire health journey

Engage patients to live better, longer.


Inspire achievement of health goals


Reach the right patients in the right way


Track the results and your ROI


Encourage healthy habits

Make your marketing make a difference.

Successful sponsors share our passion for putting the patient first. We introduce your expertise into our powerful platform—and create marketing solutions that benefit everyone.

Exciting editorial destinations

Informed by insights from our patient experience lab, we produce award-winning and cutting-edge content. We cover everything from health conditions to holistic wellness. That means plenty of effective ways to include your expertise and your brand.

  • Condition education centers
  • Sharecare reality lab 3D-like experiences
  • Interactive condition guides
  • Custom video creation

The smartest health media delivery

Because patients trust Sharecare and use it frequently, we know a lot about them. As you face a cookieless world, we can still connect your media with the right patients.

  • First-party data
  • Personalization based on behavior
  • Personalization based on context
  • Video syndication
  • Premium display and pre-roll
  • Off-network member reach
  • Condition amplification and retargeting
  • Programmatic solutions

Motivating action among your target audience

Going beyond message, we provide ways for interested patients to take the next step with your brand.

  • Lead generation
  • Performance display
  • Condition takeovers

Amplifying your message

We can reach more patients or deepen engagement with them with customized options.

  • Social media integration
  • Events
  • Printed collateral
  • Original video content
  • PR strategy
  • Support resources
  • Native brand integration
  • Assets for your sales force
  • MOA videos
  • Custom research

Sharecare – Life sciences by the numbers


RealAge tests taken


data points of individual health


partner/leading health organizations


drove 10M+ people to have 31M discussions with their HCP


conditions covered in-depth




Q&As, articles, slideshows, videos, assessment and health guides


social media followers


database of patients/caregivers


doctor visits driven


original editorial videos (largest library in health)


new patient starts

Source: 160 measured campaigns from 2017-2019.

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