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Chances are, you’ve experienced constipation at some point. But when do symptoms of constipation get serious? Get the facts you need to know.


Let's face it: Everyone has times when they have trouble going to the bathroom.

But if you're experiencing more stop than go when it comes to how often you poop, it may be time to seek some outside help and talk to your healthcare provider (HCP).

What causes constipation? Could your new prescription medication be to blame? Can managing stress, eating right, and hydrating really help? Is the likelihood of having constipation related to your age? What does it mean to have chronic constipation?

If you've tried the familiar remedies and are still having no luck, you probably have a lot of questions.

We’ve gathered important information to help you learn more about constipation.

You'll learn about the symptoms and possible causes, when to reach for over-the-counter relief, and when it’s time to speak to your HCP.

Constipation symptoms

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You used to go every day, but now it's only a few times a week. When is a change of bowel habits normal and when is it cause for concern? Are dry, hard, or painful bowel movements just a part of life? What about bloating and pain in your abdomen? Find out if these symptoms indicate it’s time to get help.

Constipation causes

We all have a little trouble going to the bathroom sometimes. But if you're experiencing chronic constipation, you want to know what is causing the problem. Find out what could be slowing your bowels down and what you can do about it.

Constipation treatment

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If you are looking for ways to stay regular, there are plenty of treatment options. Which ones involve relying on prescription or over-the-counter medications? Are there are natural ways to make your bowel movements easier? What about the bloating that can sometimes be associated with laxatives? See how hydration, fiber, exercise, and reducing stress may also play important roles in helping to relieve constipation.

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