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What is psoriasis? How can you tell if you have psoriasis or eczema? Learn the types of psoriasis, from plaque to inverse, and how they're treated.


You've probably heard of psoriasis, but you may not be sure what this skin condition is all about. Is it just really bad dry skin? Could it be an autoimmune disease? What are the signs and symptoms?

See what the experts have to say about this skin condition and learn about the latest research into what may put you at higher risk of getting it. Do genetics play a role? What about environmental factors? Too much sun? How can you tell if it's psoriasis or eczema?

Get answers to your questions and learn other facts about psoriasis, including how it's diagnosed and what treatments to expect.

If you're worried about any symptoms you may be experiencing or have more questions, be sure to make an appointment with your healthcare provider (HCP). They can diagnose your symptoms and work with you to determine the best course of treatment.

Psoriasis causes

Psoriasis causes

What causes psoriasis? Is it a combination of genetic and environmental factors? Get the facts and learn about common triggers that can cause flare-ups. Read about possible psoriasis risk factors and how those underlying causes could affect you.

Psoriasis symptoms

You may have heard about some of the different types of psoriasis and the various places on the body the condition may appear. Learn about the common symptoms of plaque psoriasis, guttate psoriasis, inverse psoriasis, and scalp psoriasis, and see how different types may appear in different locations, including the arms, legs, lower back, skin folds, and torso.

Psoriasis treatment

Psoriasis treatment

Only your HCP can diagnose psoriasis and get you on a treatment plan that'll help you manage your symptoms and reduce flare-ups. The type of treatment may depend on what type of psoriasis you have, as well as the triggers that cause your psoriasis to flare. Will it include topical, injected, or oral medications? Is light therapy an option? Can simple lifestyle changes help? Find out about treatments that can give you the relief you need.

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