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Find out everything you need to know about stroke, including symptoms, treatment, causes, management and more.


Strokes in Young People: Are the Numbers Really on the Rise?
Age is a major risk factor for having a stroke, and the risk of stroke doubles each decade after ...


What You Need to Know About Vascular Parkinsonism
Former President George H.W. Bush went skydiving to celebrate his 85th birthday in 2009. Less tha...


How Does Obesity Affect the Body?
So obesity has an adverse effect on almost every organ system in the body, maybe our bones is the on...


Could You Be at a Higher Risk for Stroke and Not Know It?
Strokes occur when disease or injury suddenly disrupts ...


Is It a Headache or a Stroke?
When you get a headache, you might take aspirin and try to shrug it off. But sometimes a&nbs...


7 Stroke Risk Factors Women Should Know
Each year, 55,000 more women have a stroke than men. Learn the reasons why—and what you can...


The Science Behind Broken Heart Syndrome
When 62-year-old Joanie Simpson woke up with a serious ...
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