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Prostate Cancer

Are frequent bathroom trips a natural part of aging, or something to worry about? Know the symptoms, risk factors, and treatments for prostate cancer.


Are those frequent bathroom trips a natural part of aging, or something to worry about? What about experiencing difficulty or pain during urination?

Whether you think you're having symptoms of prostate cancer, have already received a diagnosis, or are just trying to figure out whether you should get screened and what type of screening to pursue, you can find the information you need right here.

For starters, it’s important to understand common risk factors and how to take control of your everyday habits to lower your risk. We’ll also help you recognize the symptoms of prostate cancer and understand the different types of treatment options, depending on your age and the stage of your disease.

If you think you're having symptoms, talk with your healthcare provider (HCP) about next steps, including what to expect during a prostate cancer screening. By working together, you can stay informed about your health and find the best cancer treatment or prevention options for you.

Prostate Cancer Symptoms

Prostate Cancer Symptoms

Think you might be having a prostate issue? You've probably heard that getting older may mean making more frequent trips to the bathroom. But could having difficulty urinating indicate something more serious? Learn the common signs of prostate cancer and when it may be time to call your HCP.

Prostate Cancer Risk Factors

Does age put you at higher risk for prostate cancer? What about your genetics or family history? Learn what's behind prostate cancer, as well as lifestyle changes that experts say may lower your risk of developing the disease.

Prostate Cancer Screening

Prostate Cancer Screening

You're not exactly sure what to expect during a prostate cancer screening test. Maybe you're not even sure when or if you should start getting screened. Learn the facts about screening and the role it plays in keeping you healthy.

Prostate Cancer Treatment

You just received a prostate cancer diagnosis. What now? Will surgery be necessaryinvolved? What about radiation? Learn the facts about ​the different prostate cancer treatments, medications, and therapy options, depending on factors like your age, the cancer's stage, and more.

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