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Skin Cancer

Get answers to your questions about skin cancer. Learn the signs of skin cancer, risk factors, treatments, and the importance of skin cancer screening.


It seems like everybody has a mole or two, plus a few scaly patches or bumps on their skin. But when do those little skin imperfections become something to worry about?

Here, you'll get answers to your questions about skin cancer, including how to distinguish between harmless moles and those that need a closer look.

You’ll also discover the different types of skin cancer and learn which ones may be more dangerous than others. Plus, you’ll discover the common signs of skin cancer, who's at a higher risk of getting it, as well as information about how it's diagnosed and treated. 

Because prevention of skin cancer is so important, we have information to share on how to choose the right sunscreen and how much sun is too much.

Be sure to talk to your healthcare provider (HCP) about your skin concerns so you can stay on the path of wellness.

Skin Cancer Symptoms

Skin Cancer Symptoms

Freckles, moles, bumps, patches: Pretty much everybody's got at least a few of these. But when do those run-of-the-mill blemishes become something to worry about? Learn how some moles are more worrisome than others, as well as other skin cancer signs and symptoms to watch out for.

Skin Cancer Risk Factors

Is skin cancer something that happens primarily to light-skinned people? Does staying out of the sun guarantee you won't get it? Are some sunscreens better than others? Get answers to these questions and more, and see what may put you at higher risk of developing skin cancer.

Skin Cancer Testing

Skin Cancer Testing

To the untrained eye, it may be hard to tell the difference between what's normal and what's not. Learn about the role that regular screenings play in skin cancer prevention. Plus, find out what kind of testing to expect if your HCP finds a suspicious mole or other skin irregularity during your next appointment.

Skin Cancer Treatments

If you're diagnosed with skin cancer, there are different treatment options available. Will they involve surgery? What about radiation? Learn what to expect depending on your particular skin cancer type.

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