What Exercises Will Help Me Get Rid of Belly Fat Post-Pregnancy?

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Before the break, we met Annie, a mum struggling to lose her baby weight, three years after having a child. So today, I'm revealing how you can eat with your child and lose weight. Everything on the plan is good for you and your little one. This plan is ideal for busy mums without a lot of time and can also work anyone who wants to lose belly fat.

Helping me is my co-author and best friend Dr. Michael Royson, Annie, I had your story, and I got to say I absolutely get the part of the battle you are facing, is that you think that every time you do something for yourself is coming away from Gavin, so this plan is a three steps to it, allow you to do everything for you and Gavin at the same time, so there is no time wasted, and what do you think is the biggest reason that you've been having problems dieting? I think I don't eat enough, I don't eat breakfast or lunch normally.

So you lie [xx]. So I don't eat breakfast or lunch normally. I worry about Gavin and not myself. Alright, so here is a plan, Mike take [xx] step we do this in our house and l can tell you if it works for four kids, it will work for Gavin, so go ahead, and it's really true he does it in his house, I have even seen him do it, so it's really quick and this is a post pregnancy shake and both Gavin and you can have it, it's got a lot of really great nutrients of banana, raspberries.

You put those in a blender together with a little agave nectar, some [xx] seeds, some flax seeds, so it's got really perfect ingredients, sesame seeds whatever you want in there to make it taste and after six months. he can have it. Perfect. You're on board? I am. And really quick. So, step number one post pregnancy smoothing, number two snacks.

So we don't want you to go more than four hours without food literally so we want you to have snacks. These are little apple crisps, it's really all you do is you cut an apple up, put them in a baking pan with some cinnamon on it and it's really easy to do, in quick and they taste great and they're healthy.

Again fibre in it. This is a yoghurt, a yoghurt pot, you've said it, it's a yoghurt pot. Are we waiting this whole show to eat this bottle? We want you to try itI'm not going to try one now. I got to talk but it's got a probiotic in it. So again it's pretty good isn't it? Alright, second thing is snacks and the third mic is the kids' plate.

And this is a great idea is pick out a plate that is exactly the same size as your kid. He will have a great time eating with you and you'll have much smaller meals. It's a third protein, a third complex carbohydrate and a third leafy green and vegetables that are perfect, but it gets you to eat smaller so the key point you have snacks in your breakfast so you're not famished, so this is enough to fill you up and so you don't feel hungry.

We don't want you ever feeling hungry, but we want you to have good food. Are these kinds of foods found commonly in your household? Yes. Chicken, potatoes, vegetables, yes. So I think it's doable, don't you? Yes. It's all doable, just got to do it. You've got to do it. Okay. Thank you Anny very much.