What are common problems that may occur during week 8 of pregnancy?

In week 8 of pregnancy, common problems may continue to affect how you are feeling. At this time, many women feel fatigued. Some women may be experiencing abdominal cramping or pain in the lower back and buttocks, caused by your growing uterus, which puts pressure on various nerves. Some women are still experiencing morning sickness during week 8. If symptoms are seriously bothering you, talk to your doctor.

Other problems may affect the baby, though they are not necessarily common. Miscarriage generally occurs during the first trimester. Miscarriage is when the pregnancy ends before the embryo can survive on its own. Although it is a common concern, especially in the first trimester, miscarriages only happen in about 15% of pregnancies. If you notice any symptoms of a miscarriage - such as bleeding and cramping that occur together, or very heavy bleeding - talk to your doctor right away.

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