Are there tips to help me sleep better during week 20 of pregnancy?


Some strategies to promote restful sleep are to:

  • Sleep on the side or with the head slightly elevated. This will help to prevent congestion of the nasal passages associated with the increased blood flow to mucous membranes. Sleeping on the side or with the head elevated also helps to decrease snoring.
  • Do not eat within 2-3 hours of bedtime to give the body time
    to digest food before going to bed. Also sleeping with the head elevated will help to decrease indigestion.
  • Use extra pillows to support body parts. For example a pillow between the legs, supporting the breasts or the uterus all increase comfort.
  • Sleep in natural fiber pajamas. Natural fibers are breathable and will help the body dissipate the extra body heat that comes with the elevated metabolic rate of pregnancy.
  • Nighttime routines such as soft music, aroma therapy and a
    gentle massage by your spouse or partner are also good strategies to relax and get ready for sleep.

Many women start experiencing trouble sleeping once they reach the middle of pregnancy. When lying flat on your back, you may get heartburn or leg cramps. You may also become hot easily. To help alleviate some of these problems, try sleeping with your head and chest raised up a little on a firmer pillow. Sleep on your side and stretch your legs out to avoid cramping. Use fans or air conditioning to keep your bedroom cooler.

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