What healthy lifestyle changes should I make during pregnancy?

Yogi Cameron Alborzian
Alternative & Complementary Medicine Specialist

When living in accordance with Ayurvedic traditions, expecting mothers are recommended to eat wholesome foods, cultivate wholesome thoughts, and to live a lifestyle that generally nourishes and supports the body with foods like milk and ghee. When under the supervision of a trained Ayurvedic practitioner, it is advised to have certain treatments administered toward the end of the pregnancy such as oil enemas and medicated oil massage on the body which have a nourishing, lubricating and calming effect on entire system. 

As the fetus feeds off the mother physically, mentally, and spiritually, it is very important for the expecting mother to have balanced thoughts as much as possible. Any thoughts we have end up affecting the body in a positive or negative manner: We experience this when we are ecstatically happy, if we have butterflies in the stomach, or if we have a migraine. As the mind passes all of its thoughts into the body through feelings and emotions, the fetus will feel all of the mother’s emotions and this will affect his or her cells and constitution. A calm lifestyle comprised of peaceful relationships with all beings, not too much excitement or entertainment, contemplation of spiritual material, as well as a diet balanced in time, quantity, and combinations of foods will help to bring about a harmonious child into the world.

Pregnancy is an excellent time to concentrate on making healthy lifestyle choices. As far as exercise goes, it's definitely important to continue your exercise regimen. You may need to back off a little bit in the first trimester when you are a little bit nauseated, but it is really important to continue that. If you are not exercising already, you're welcome to start an exercise regimen, but start small and slowly increase your intensity levels.

Additionally, what you ingest is also important, because you are obviously what you eat, and your baby is being made out of what you are eating. You want to avoid any alcohol ingestion during pregnancy. If you are a smoker, it's an excellent time to quit smoking. As far as what you're actually taking in for food, really concentrate on a healthy and balanced diet, good proteins, and making sure that you are cutting back on the sugars and the fats, because weight gain does become a concern. As far as specific foods go, we need to avoid any undercooked meats or unpasteurized dairy products.

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