How do I talk to my family about my fibromyalgia?

Dr. Mehmet Oz, MD
Cardiology (Cardiovascular Disease)
You know the old saying: Honesty is the best policy. Being candid with your family about your fibromyalgia can help reassure them. Instead of pretending that you don't have a chronic illness, explain what fibromyalgia is and what you need from them in terms of support. A policy of honesty and openness can help to demystify fibromyalgia, which should make it seem a lot less scary to your family.

Likewise, listening to your partner and letting him or her express frustration or sadness will help matters, too. Open communication can help you to discover ways to accommodate your condition while growing together as a couple.

When one partner develops fibromyalgia, things get even trickier. Your income may drop if you can't work or have to cut back your hours. Some days you may be too tired or in too much pain to help out around the house. At other times, you may not be up to taking part in favorite activities that you once enjoyed as a couple. And, yes, that may sometimes include sex.

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