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Find the latest information on how to get rid of a headache. Learn the types of headaches—and their causes—plus migraine symptoms, treatments and more.


When your head hurts, everything becomes more difficult—from walking and talking, to thinking and just functioning.

While many headaches are fleeting, some linger for hours or what might even feel like days—and you wonder if there's something else wrong.

Of course, only your healthcare provider (HCP) can help you get to the bottom of your what's causing your headache, but here, we'll explore just a few of the reasons headaches can occur.

We'll also take a closer look at the various types of headaches and what your HCP might recommend to help you feel better.

With details on everything from common headache causes and how to get rid of a headache, to migraine symptoms and treatments—get the facts so you can work with your HCP to find the care you need.

You can even browse by subject, like migraines, head pain, and sinus issues—so getting the information you need is simple.

Explore these topics, then discuss them with your HCP. Together, you can find a solution that's right for you.


Man sitting on the couch massaging his temples to relieve pain from a migraine headache.

Could your headache really be a migraine? And if so, what should you do about it? Read about migraine symptoms and learn about the differences between headaches and migraines. Then, get information on migraine treatments and find out how your HCP can help you get some relief.

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Head pain

Head pain might be caused by a simple headache, but sometimes it can be attributed to something else. Find out what that "something else" may be, read about the types of headaches, find information on how to get rid of a headache, and learn when it's time to talk with your HCP about your head pain.

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Sinus issues

Woman breathing freely outdoors.

Can sinus issues cause a headache? What about a toothache? Or pain across your face? Can they cause other types of pain, too? Learn if a sinus infection (sinusitis) can cause headaches and impact your life. We'll also help you find information on what causes sinus infections, what treatments your HCP might recommend and more.

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