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How can I soothe my aching joints during pregnancy?

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  • Later in pregnancy, swelling in the joints can cause pain that feels like arthritis. This especially occurs in women who develop leg swelling during the day and notice stiff or sore finger joints in the morning. Bed rest, such as lying on your side, allows the kidneys to excrete sodium and water that the hormones of pregnancy retain. Restricting salt also can help. Reduce salt intake by avoiding salt and the following foods:
    • Canned soups, canned fish and meats, and canned vegetables;
    • Luncheon meats, bacon, sausage, country ham, and salt pork;
    • Tomato juice, V-8, bouillon cubes;
    • Salted popcorn, pretzels, saltines, salted nuts, potato chips, and corn
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