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Why is it important to drink water when pregnant?

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  • APatricia Geraghty, NP, Advanced Practice Nursing, answered

    Water supplies the volume you need in pregnancy for all the extra tasks your body performs.

    By the end of the second trimester a pregnant woman has almost 150% of the blood volume of a non-pregnant woman. She notices the extra volume as engorged blood vessels in the nose, causing a natural stuffiness, and in almost constant thirst. The thirst is a good sign, encouraging her to support the extra liquid volume.

    Water is an excellent choice for the needed liquids because it doesn't add any empty or valuless calories to your diet. If you don't like plain water, consider adding a small amount of lemon juice.

  • ADawn Marcus, Neurology, answered
    Drinking water is important for a pregnant woman's overall health and that of the developing baby. Good hydration is important to maintain healthy amniotic fluid around the growing baby. Furthermore, dehydration has been linked to an increased risk for pre-term labor.
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