Fibromyalgia Action Plans

If you're suffering from symptoms of fibromyalgia, take control of your health and well-being with our action plans.

A 6-Step Treatment Plan 3 Ways to Manage Fibromyalgia Pain Sleep Better with Fibromyalgia Ease Joint Stiffness What to Ask Your Doctor

What's Your RealAge?

Learn how fibromyalgia is affecting your RealAge and receive a custom action plan to feel better and grow younger. 

Take the RealAge Test

Take the RealAge Test

Fibromyalgia Videos

9 Gentle Workouts

9 Gentle Workouts

Easy Moves to Fight Fibro Fatigue

There's no doubt about it: Physical activity can sometimes be tough when you've got fibromyalgia. You can't do much on the days you're fighting fibro fatigue, and on . . . 

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Fibro-Friendly Recipe

Fibro-Friendly Recipe

Bean, Corn and Pepper Salad

This tasty salad has fiber, energy-boosting B vitamins and healthy carbs. Serve it on baby spinach leaves for extra iron, a key nutrient for maximizing energy.

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"My underlying goal is to see people living free of the grip of pain," says Dr. McCarty. "I have found remarkable success in people who give back to others." How does he sell volunteer work to people tormented by fibromyalgia pain, for whom getting off the couch and out the door can seem like obstacle enough? . . .

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