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With colon cancer in her family, my friend knew she was at risk. But with three young kids and a busy household to run -- and besides, she had no symptoms -- she put off a colonoscopy for a couple of years. By the time she got around to having it, the cancer had already spread to her liver . . .

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Pear and Spinach Salad

Spinach is loaded with magnesium, which research suggests may be crucial to curbing the risk of colon cancer.

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A Non-Invasive Colon Screening?

Some might think of it as a pride-swallowing, gut-flushing preparation (i.e., bowel cleansing), followed by a less-than-comfortable, scope-up-the-backside exam. Fortunately, noninvasive colonoscopy screenings available . . .

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Welcome to the group. I hope that you find some comfort and answers here -- I know I did in my early days. I also found this to be a good place to vent and just say what was on my mind without being judged.