What Does Personalized Medicine Mean?

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The first thing it is, it's medicine, built around knowing who you are, what you care about, the issues that you perceive is important to you, but beyond that, everything I can know about your genom, everything I can know about your prodium, everything I can know about your metabolum, and importantly, all of this informed by an informatics, an ability to make meaning of all this data that gives me special insights.

S, in neurology it also means one more thing, it means being able to capture everything about your nervous system, function I can in real time, for a long period of time, not just for the 10 minutes that I have a chance to see you in the clinic room. So it means deep phenotyping, deep genotyping, and deep meaning to understand what it is about you that brings you to this place at this time? What the likehood is that this medicine I'm likely to prescribe or not prescribe is going to help you? What is very important to not prescribe for you because I know it would hurt you. Personalized medicine is medicine just for you.