How Close Are We to a Future of Personalized Medicine?

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I can imagine that in 10 years a patient will walk into a neurologist's office. Now I'm being optimistic here, but let me just push this. In 10 years, you walk in not maybe to a general neurology clinic but to a specialty clinic and you say doc, I'm pretty sure I have this diagnosis. Other doctors have suggested it but can you tell me more about that and can you confirm it?

Maybe it's about Parkinson's disease and I'll take a history, actually it may be that by 10 years, an avatar will take that history from me. An avatar will talk to me about what they think on the basis of their ability to look at the whole world of information, what the options might be for this person and then I'll walk in with all that information from my avatar who will not be me, won't even look like me, but it'll be something the patient will recognise as a good listener and some device that will have collected lots of information.

I'll walk in with that information, go right to the heart of the patients' problems and I'll know about that patient's issues, because of what I've been told and I'll say to the patient, look I've only got half an hour for you, if you're a new patient please put on this suit that will measure all of your body movements, for the next 48 to 72 hours also please put this cap on, it's a wireless dry EEG that will record everything your brain ways are doing for the next 72 hours and I'll call you, because I'll be monitoring this, I'll have collected terabytes of information, and because your genomic sequence will be done by then, and your you'll make profile will be, I'll call you and tell you what the diagnosis is and I won't just call you to tell you what the diagnosis is, but the sub type and the sub sub type on the basis of everything I know about your family history, your phenomix, your genes, and the medicine you should take, because of all the things I know.

That could be in 10 years I think the more we know about you, the more likely we'll be able to treat you as the very unique person you are. So the great thing about personalized medicine for me, it's immensely a galeteria everybody has a meaning and value and yet everybody's different.