What's the Best Hope for Curing Alzheimer's Disease?

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I think that there are two tipping points coming and I hope one beats the other. For Alzheimer's disease is a tipping point coming between 2015 and 2020 where according to calculations made by the the Alzheimer's fund, in particular, Jack Morby, the number of Alzheimer's patients is going to single-handedly collapse medicare and medicaid.

I mean, already whereas 13% of medicare/medicaid recipient have Alzheimer's, they're already sucking up over a third of the budget, so you think about the baby boomers, you think about, just do the math, just by 2015 to 2020 somewhere in there's a tipping point where our health care system will collapse under Alzheimer's alone.

There is no tipping point right now for saying we have a drug that will prevent this disease. If we can come up with a drug that prevents the disease such that it just pushes it out five years or 10 years, we're going to do really well because then we're going to push the disease out to an age where people may die of other causes, cancer or heart disease.

So the whole game here, the whole purpose, I should say here, is pushing disease out 5 years, 10 years, 15 years, a preventive strategies. But first, we know how to do it, the first drugs they were tried, didn't do it, there were those who then cried, you're doing the wrong thing, they might have threw out the baby with the bath water, you got the wrong target, see, you are chasing the wrong ghost here.

No. The drugs were bad. Amyloid's the target. [xx]. The drugs we tried weren't very good. I mean you take shots on goal. First shots on goal, in soccer terms, were a fifth grader shooting from midfield. And you just get better and better at it. I think the shots we're taking on goal now, they're not quite penalty kicks, but they're probably a kick from about 20 yards out.

So we have a shot but we're not quite at a tipping point. So I'm hoping that now that we're just finishing the second wave of drugs, the third wave is in the pipeline, my hope is that the third wave of drugs, which have just now started to get into the clinical in the next couple of years, will create the tipping point. The question is, will this third wave of drugs, which I have high hopes for, be approved, show efficacy, get into humans before the financial collapse of our health care system on Alzheimer's.

What's going to change that? What's the game changer?

Money, funds. The reason, the whole, the only way to make the tipping point of effective drugs beat out the tipping point to health care collapse, is throw more money at Alzheimer's, certainly $500 million in research dollars from Federal government for a $180 billion disease per year, is crazy. It's really depressing.