What is a sports combine?

A sports combine is usually a combination of certain sport specific conditioning drills to determine speed, strength and skill level depending on the sport. This abilities are put on display for coaches, scouts and whom ever would be interested in watching the evaluation of the athlete.  For the athlete it is a chance to display you abilities, speed, strenght and skill set for a specific sport. It usually involves some kind of weight lifting, agility drills, sprinting and depending on the sport a set of specific sport drills. Example for football would be a quarterback making all the required throws he would have to make in a game.

Originally, combines were meant to be simplified medical evaluations, organized for teams within a league and their incumbent employees. These days, combines, especially for youth athletics, are strictly for assessment of performance skills and attributes. Most combines will assess as many as a handful of attributes and skill-sets revolving around the athlete's ability to accelerate, jump, apply force to an external object, and change direction. Time to complete such events range from one hour to several hours depending on the efficiency of the organization running the event.

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