My shoulder muscles feel like they are burning, how do I prevent this?

This burning sensation you are referring to is the build-up of lactic acid in the muscles. As the intensity of activty increases, such as during the later rounds of a fight, your body’s ability to buffer this mechanical bi-product decreases. In order to teach your body to produce less amounts of this waist, and buffer it quickly and effectively, you need to train at higher intensities throughout your performance training program. Below is a sample workout that can help you achieve this effect. After completing your foam rolling and general warm-up, begin with core stabilization exercises such as planks, bridges, and ball crunches. Next, perform a seated ball dumbbell shoulder press (sitting on a stability ball). Following this, perform a single-leg dumbbell Arm V Raise by standing on one leg and extending the arms upward to shoulder-height at an approximately 45 degree angle. Finish the workout with one set of BOSU dumbbell striking by standing on a BOSU balance platform and performing various punching techniques such as hooks, jabs, etc. Perform all movements for three total sets of twenty repetitions using a slow tempo.

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