Will my child outgrow ADHD?

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Some young people experience a reduction in many symptoms of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) as they enter their teen years. This doesn't necessarily mean that they have outgrown the disorder. Rather, many young people experience a natural decrease in hyperactive behavior as they get older. About one in three children will outgrow ADHD completely by the time they reach adulthood. Another third will have some symptoms, but they won't be as severe as they were in childhood. The final third will have significant ADHD symptoms as adults.

Mmany symptoms of ADHD, like acting impulsively and having trouble paying attention, often persist, even into adulthood. As your child grows, have him maintain regular visits with his doctor. Discuss your child's social behavior and academic progress with teachers and other adults in his life. Your child may need less medication as he gets older, or he may need to increase his medicine dose as school becomes more challenging and afterschool activities become more demanding.

Whatever the situation, effective ADHD treatments exist. You can help your child now. Early diagnosis and treatment often provide the best results for those living with ADHD.

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