Can TMS Treat Other Conditions Besides Depression?

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TMS is a tool that can be used to treat 20 of neural psychiatric disorders. What it essentially does is either can activate the area that's pathologically unreactive as in the case of depression or you could even change the TMS and suppress the area that's pathologically overactive as in the case of anxiety disorders for instance.

The TMS vary FDA proof of depression has shown great benefit in anxiety disorders it's used even to treat trauma, there is a tremendous potential to using TMS to treat chronic pains such as fibromyalgia, well that work is actually been done in Europe, substance abuse in cravings, schizophrenia, we've even treated patients with Parkinson's disorders and there is potential for treating dementia and ADD, so there is a whole slew of both psychiatric and neurological disorders where TMS has shown potential.

These area still requires formalized studies, but I would be surprised if we wouldn't be using TMS or some variation of it to treat a lot of the disorders both psychiatric and neurological that we have problems treating currently.