What Is Visualization or Guided Imagery?

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Guided imagery is a meditative technique that's extremely helpful for helping people fall asleep. First of all what you do is you start out with deep breathing exercises to again relax and calm the body. Next you start to picture an image in your head often times I like to use a beach scene or a forest scene or floating through the clouds.

This is what you really want a picture when you're doing this you want to think of every different aspect of the meditation of the scene. So if you're thinking about a beach, you want to think of the sun caressing your skin you want to feel the warmth of that sun on upon your skin, maybe you want to feel the sand on on your skin maybe you want to hear the ocean sounds laughing water right next to your head, again getting into that tranquil state really allowing your body to begin to relax.

Then, maybe you lift up and you're floating through the air, like a leaf falling from a tree, and as you fall deeper and deeper, you get deeper and deeper into a relaxed state and off and into sleep. So what we're trying to do here is two fold. Number one, we're distracting you from being able to turn off your mind, because we know that's one of the biggest things that prevents people from sleeping, but we're also looking for a relaxing response at the muscle level.