How Does My Body Temperature Affect the Quality of My Sleep?

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Body temperature affects sleep in a very particular way. The sleep cycle actually follows the core body temperature cycle. So your body hit its highest point in temperature and when it peaks and then starts to go down, that's the signal for your brain to release melatonin. Remember, melatonin is that key that starts the engine for sleep and then your body temperature starts to drop.

It drops about 1/4 of a degree centigrade as you fall asleep and then another 1/4 of a degree centigrade when you get into your deepest form of sleep. So your body can't get into the good deep stuff, unless it gets to be that low. So one of the things we are always looking for is ways to make sure that the bedroom is cool, but not too cold, because if it gets too cold, shivering can occur, movement can occur, and that can actually generate some heat.

So we really want to make sure that we are at the optimum temperature for sleep. Generally speaking, between 68 and 72 degrees, is an optimum temperature for your bedroom for sleep.