What Can I Do If I Am Having Violent Dreams?

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If you're having violent dreams then there's probably something that you're suppressing, in fact I would say most certainly you're suppressing some kind of energy so what's repressed must express. So often it's the nice girls, it's the nice guys, its the nicest people on the planet that are having these dreams, that's my experience anyway.

It means there's no place in your life to be able to express yourself, you don't know where to put it. So you have to create a place to put that deep primal expression, sometimes you just need to roll up the windows of your car and scream. Sometimes you need to turn up the music and just dance like a wild person, sometimes you need to just hit the pillows, or sometimes you just need to call your best friend and just say I need to hurl for a minute [SOUND] and just say whatever is on your mind so that it gets out, so that you're not having to rehash it in your dreams.

If you do that effectively then your dreams will tend to reflect your more balanced state of being in your waking life.