Why Is Sleep Deprivation Bad for Me?

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Well, again what we know is on average we need about eight hours of sleep, the range being seven to nine and how much sleep you really need is unique to you but if you are not getting it, you will cause sleep debt. Now the consequences of that range from having difficulty with your emotions, your emotions might be more fragile, you're more prone to be irritable, feeling more depressed or anxious, critical thinking is impaired so your performance actually declines and for most of us what happens, we're pretty skilled at what we do so we're able to go about your day performing as if everything is okay but it's actually not, you'r not really thinking as clearly as you need to so you will make those sharp decisions and come up with those creative ideas like you would have if you'd been well rested, in addition to your performance and your mood, it also affects your health, we now know that if you're not getting enough sleep, it puts you at risk for diabetes because it causes insulin resistance it can cause premature cardiovascular disease.

It literally causes high blood pressure, it puts you at risk for strokes and heart attacks, and it causes obesity. So all these things we now know sleep is very important for either improving or helping you avoid many of the most common illnesses we're all trying to deal with, and at the end of the day it could help prolong your life.

So sleep is one of the things you can change. You can't change your age, you can't change your gender, you can't change your genetics but you can change your sleep.