How Can I Prevent Alzheimer's Disease?

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The same way we attack heart disease, right? You modify your diet, and your lifestyle, and you take a cholesterol-lowering drug. And by cholesterol at safe levels, we've dramatically lowered the incidence of heart disease. We want to do the same thing with Alzheimer's disease, and that is modify lifestyle, educate the public about the importance of exercise, diet, social engagement, novelty.

Keep moving, keep learning this is the key. Make your brain keep working, and secondly if you start to get in trouble or if your genetics says you're already in trouble to some folks then we want to have a therapy that says you need to take this drug in addition to upset your risk. These are the drugs we're trying to make and in my lab we have two, actually three different types of drugs for that purpose, one is our radiant kind of trials in Australia, it did very well a drug called PBT2, from Prana Biotechnology, a company we started here and now it's in Australia, run phase two trials, the small pilot trials, now it's going to be bigger trials. Then we have these new drugs that the government is helping us develop, that we're hoping to get into clinic soon and then we have another type of drug that my wife and I are working on.

So the idea is take many shots on goal, but eventually come up with a drug that we can give to someone, to prevent this disease before it strikes. So for early prediction, for early detection, and early prevention, you don't let the disease hit in the first place, eventually you eradicate it.