To Sleep Better, Turn on the Light

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Hi, Dr. Miller here. Having trouble sleeping? Here's a surprising tip for you. Turn on the light, a blue light. Blue light is short wavelength light, the kind that floods the world at sunrise. A dose of blue in the morning, or at mid-day keeps your body clock in order, so you're alert during the day and ready to catch some Zs at night.

What happens when you miss out? In one small study, eight graders agreed to wear orange tinted glasses that blocked blue light. Blood test measured the time of day when their body released a spurt of the snooze inducing hormone, melatonin, a sign that their body clocks were winding down for sleep. After just five days, the melatonin spur was pushed back by a half hour, a sign that not being exposed to blue light interferes with your ability to fall asleep easily.

A few minutes of morning light maybe all it takes to reset your brain slumber schedule. So pull up the shades, and throw open the curtains, first thing, better yet, take a brisk stroll in the morning or at lunch time. For more ways to stay healthy, watch all our smart tips, right here.