Are there any side effects of vaginal lubricants?

Evelyn Minaya, MD
OBGYN (Obstetrics & Gynecology)

Most vaginal lubricants are free of side effects -- but there can be exceptions. In this video, obstetrician and gynecologist Dr. Evelyn Minaya explains. 

The use of vaginal lubricants relieves uncomfortable or painful side effects associated with vaginal dryness, including:

• itching
• burning
• painful intercourse
• bleeding
• urgent urinary urgency

Vaginal lubricants are not expected to cause any adverse side effects. However, you should check the ingredients label on your lubricant in case you have allergies. Discontinue use and contact your doctor right away if you experience signs of an allergic reaction such as:

• hives
• skin rash
• difficulty breathing
• swelling of the face, tongue, or throat

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