Why do my legs shake when I’m working out?

Shaking in the legs can be caused by a variety of things. Sometimes after an intense workout the nervous system which causes your muscles to contract becomes fatigued causing your muscles to shake. Sometimes shaking is due to low levels of glucose in the muscles or electrolytes which are necessary for muscle contractions, or due to being dehydrated. If you’re experiencing shaking in your legs after workouts try increasing your fluid intake by drinking drinks that contain electrolytes and sugar in low dosages to keep your muscles hydrated and supplied with the nutrients needed to keep muscles working.
Sadie Lincoln
Sadie Lincoln on behalf of barre3
The shaking indicates that you're asking more from your muscles than they are used to doing, which is certainly a big component of exercise-challenging our bodies to go places we haven’t gone. Shaking legs are not a bad thing, but something to be mindful of as you work out. You are changing your body and building strength. Once your muscles become accustomed to doing these exercises, this action will become smoother and your trembling will decrease. Since quivering means that your muscles are hard at work, you just want to be careful not to overdo it. A little bit of shaking is a good thing. I always like to say to my clients at barre3, “embrace the shakes!”

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