How do past positive experiences impact my sports performance?

Past positive experiences can have a major impact in sports performance. As athletes we can take our experiences and mold them into our preparation for future competition. I have had some of the most successful athletes in sports talk about pressure; they will say that they only feel pressure when they are not confidant in their preparation. If you have total trust and confidence in your preparation, you have made that kick or made that pitch or seen that defense over and over again successfully in practice then you know that you will be successful during competition. Therefore there is no pressure. Your positive experiences in your practice or preparation will result in positive results during competition.

Positive experiences impact lives. The ironic thing about positive experiences is that they don't stick with people in the same way as negative experiences. Negative experiences seem to be fairly easy to recall. People seem to remember them quickly and easily. When someone has been wronged it is one of the first things that people want to share. Positive experiences on the other hand are almost unconscious and relatively unrecognized. People may talk about positive experiences but that generally doesn't last long. Positive experiences are sometimes a product of repetition and positive feedback, which leads people to continue to produce the same behavior. Continued positive experiences is what leads people to higher self-esteem, increased self-confidence, competitiveness, and to be an improved athlete. Sometimes however, people struggle to remember and draw from those positive experiences if they've been distant from the experiences for a while. For example, if you've not played sports in a long time, it's hard sometimes to recall how great you were at sports when you were a few years younger, or the past positive experiences and feelings associated with playing those sports.

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