5 Resources for Metastatic Breast Cancer Caregivers

Follow these links to find support and information about caring for someone living with MBC.

Support groups can offer caregivers a chance to connect with other people who have a loved one with metastatic breast cancer.

Updated on December 1, 2023

Learning as much as possible about metastatic breast cancer and your loved one's diagnosis is important, especially when making decisions about treatment. But searching for reliable information can sometimes be overwhelming.

The sites below offer a starting point to learning more about MBC and understanding what questions you should be asking the healthcare team. They also offer the opportunity to connect with professionals and peers who can offer support and guidance.

Susan G. Komen
Susan G. Komen is one of the largest organizations dedicated to breast cancer and one of the most recognizable. The organization’s website includes a number of resources and tools for patients with MBC. In addition to education materials, there are helplines for people seeking everything from financial assistance to information on clinical trials.

SHARE is a resource for anyone who is looking to connect with other people who have MBC. It organizes monthly support groups for people living with MBC and caregivers, including a Spanish-language support group. Meetings are both over-the-phone and in-person. SHARE also organizes webinars, educational programs, and an online MBC community.

Living Beyond Breast Cancer
Founded in 1991 by a radiation oncologist, Living Beyond Breast Cancer aims to help anyone affected by breast cancer by providing reliable information, as well as a community for support. The LBBC website offers pages of information about many topics related to metastatic breast cancer. (The brochure on managing stress and anxiety is recommended reading.) They also offer support services over the phone and a number of in-person events, including conferences, panels with patients and healthcare experts, and fundraising events that include outdoor yoga and live music.

Metastatic Breast Cancer Network (mbcn)
MBCN is focused on patient advocacy and education for people affected by MBC. The site features information on clinical trials, questions to ask healthcare providers, and listings for in-person support groups in many states.

The Metastatic Breast Cancer Project
The Metastatic Breast Cancer Project is a nonprofit research institute dedicated to accelerating cancer research, led by Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard. People who have breast cancer can contribute tumor samples and medical records that will be used to better understand the disease and develop new treatments.

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