How can lack of sleep increase pain?

The relationship between sleep and pain is one we don't yet fully understand. What we do know -- and what anyone who suffers from chronic pain can attest to -- is that each can have a significant effect on the other. The presence of pain can make it hard to fall asleep and stay asleep, and being sleep deprived can make a person feel more sensitive to aches and pains. Studies that have examined the relationship between sleep and pain found these links to be true -- and also found that it doesn't take a lot of lost or disrupted sleep to have an effect on how we experience pain:
  • One study showed 12 women who were deprived of sleep for only 3 consecutive nights experienced increased sensitivity to pain. Pain sensitivity began to increase after a single night of disrupted sleep and grew worse each night.
  • Another study tested healthy men for pain sensitivity after a short period of total sleep deprivation. Researchers found that total sleep deprivation dramatically decreased the men's threshold for pain. A recovery sleep period after sleep deprivation restored the men's pain threshold.
  • Recent research into fibromyalgia showed that women who were sleep deprived had as much as 5 times higher a risk of developing the chronic pain syndrome, over a 10-year period, as women who were not sleep deprived.
  • A sleep-pain study performed on rats showed that when deprived of REM sleep, the rats experienced a significant increase in sensitivity to several types of pain stimuli.

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