What treatment options are available for high blood pressure?

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Treatment for high blood pressure depends on the type of high blood pressure you have. Treatment for primary high blood pressure usually begins with changes in your lifestyle. If you are a smoker, you have to quit and if you drink alcohol excessively you'll have to cut back on that as well. People who are overweight can make a difference by losing a few pounds. In fact, everyone can help treat high blood pressure with regular exercise and a healthy diet low in fat and sodium and high in fruits and vegetables. Making these changes may keep your doctor from having to prescribe any medications, but if your blood pressure is already too high or these changes aren't making enough of a difference you may need medications called antihypertensives to help lower your blood pressure. There are several antihypertensives available and which one your doctor prescribes will depend on your specific needs. If you have secondary high blood pressure your treatment will depend entirely on the cause of your condition. Treatment options include percutaneous coronary intervention (PCI), bypass surgery and tumor removal, all of which may be able to cure your high blood pressure.

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