How do I manage my erectile dysfunction on a daily basis?

To manage erectile dysfunction on a daily basis and to reduce its symptoms, you should take care of your physical and psychological health. Quitting smoking and avoiding alcohol or drug use may help reduce symptoms of erectile dysfunction. Make sure you exercise regularly, since exercise can increase blood flow, reduce stress, and help you lose weight, all of which are contributing factors to erectile dysfunction. It's important to get treatment for any underlying medical conditions that may be causing erectile dysfunction. This includes finding ways to reduce stress and to solve any problems in your relationship with your partner.

Dr. Mehmet Oz, MD
Cardiology (Cardiovascular Disease)
It can take some time to resolve erectile dysfunction (ED) problems. It took some time for you to pile on the pounds and will take at least as long to shed them. You don't wake up suddenly able to deal with  stress in your life. Most people don't quit smoking the first time either. As you make the lifestyle changes you need to make and undergo treatment, talk to your partner about what you're going through. I also recommend couples counseling for people in committed relationships. Also, remember that there are many ways besides intercourse to be intimate with a lover. This may be the time for you to expand your sexual repertoire.

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