What is a cavernosometry?

In some cases, erectile dysfunction (ED) is caused by heart disease-related damage to blood vessels that direct blood flow to the penis during arousal, causing problems getting or maintaining an erection. In other cases, leakage from blood vessels in the penis makes it difficult to become fully erect or to maintain an erection.
In cavernosometry, the doctor pumps enough fluid into the penis to make it rigid and then measures whether, and how quickly, leakage is occurs. 
Dr. Mehmet Oz, MD
Cardiology (Cardiovascular Disease)
Cavernosometry is a test that measures blood pressure in your penis. It is sometimes used in the diagnosis of erectile dysfunction (ED). It can measure whether you have normal blood flow in your penis and whether you have a leaky valve in your penile artery. The test is not necessary for all cases of ED by any means; it is often ordered when a doctor is considering surgery. For example to repair a leaky valve. It may be used when ED is caused by an accident or trauma, to help determine what the damage has been and how to correct it.

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