How can I prevent a nickel allergy reaction?

To prevent nickel allergy, contact with the skin must be avoided. Using duct tape or clear nail polish can prevent contact allergic reactions.
Audrey Kunin, MD
There are several things you can do to try to continue wearing that wedding band and prevent exposure to other sources of nickel as well:

• Try a mild topical steroid cream under the area when needed.
• Consider using an at-home nickel detection system.
• Simply apply a coat of the Nickel Guard to provide a barrier protection between your jewelry and your skin.
• Keep your skin dry where the metal is going to contact you.
• Wear a good layer of protective, bland moisturizing cream.
• Consider electroplating sentimental or really good pieces of jewelry.
• Take your ring/jewelry off when you don't absolutely need to be wearing it.
• Stay dry. Perspiration can leach nickel particles out of the skin both by hastening the rate of wearing invisible "good" metal particles away as well as potentially chemically reacting with various metals.
• In cases where the allergen is in an item that is not worn, use of vinyl gloves can help.
• Cover metal handles with plastic may provide relief for anyone finding it necessary to work with this type of equipment.

Short of treating a contact dermatitis with topical steroids, moisturizers and antihistamines, the best way to deal with a nickel contact dermatitis is to avoid it in the first place.

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