How to Reduce Your Cell Phone Radiation Risk

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You may have heard that cell phone use can be harmful to your health but it doesn't mean you have to toss yours in the trash. Hi I'm Doctor Miller, cellphones emit electromagnetic radiation that penetrates whatever part of your body is closest causing cell damage that could turn cancerous. Here's How to cut your exposure while staying connected.

Text more, talk less. Texting keeps your phone at arms length and those extra inches matter at six inches you cut radiation levels by practically 97%. Use the speaker function again the further away the better. If you can't use the speaker use the headset, headsets or ear buds attached with wires keep exposure lower than cell phones and wireless ear gadgets which also emit radiation.

Keep your cellphone out of pocket as much as possible otherwise men you may zap your fertility too. For more ways to safeguard your health check out all our smart tips right here.