Do We Have a Long Way to Go with the War on Cancer?

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But we have a long way to go, we learn an enormous amount about the molecular basis of cancer and we understand a great deal about the abnormal metabolism of cancer, how many anchor genes actually turning normal into cancer so at a molecular level we understand a great deal since this war on cancer began but the ability to cure cancer patients we've had minimal impact again, except for those rare cancers, choriocarcinoma and the drum cell tumors, we can cure melanoma and kidney cancer, but virtually no common epithelial cancers that result in the overwhelming majority of deaths in this country.

If the patient develops metastatic breast cancer, we have drugs that can shrink it temporarily. But it always comes back, and everyone that develops metastatic breast cancer will die of that cancer unless we develop better systematic treatments. When celebrities get metastatic cancers they they talk about how they are going to beat this thing, again you can fight it and you can prolong survival but as of right now we cure precious few patients and by cure and go and live their normal lifespan.