What Kind of Doctor Is Best to Treat Lung Cancer?

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Sometimes patients or doctors will jump to surgery very quickly. There's a spot on your lung. Oh my God, let's get to surgery and you have to realize you have time. You don't want to rush into surgery. There are a variety of doctors that you want involved in your care. So for example here we have diagnostic radiologist, interventional radiologist, pulmonologist, oncologist, thoracic surgeons.

We will sit down and look at the patients scan and decide which patients do not need surgery. Maybe this is not a cancer and maybe you can watch you want to make sure when you're getting treatment that you're going to a place that is not quick with a trigger finger of getting you to the operating room.

Now if you have the diagnosis of cancer you want someone who's very aggressive, but if you don't have that diagnosis of cancer you want to be sure that they're looking at other possibilities and not necessarily just rushing you to the operating room.