Should I take vitamins even if I eat right?

If you eat a balanced, healthy diet, odds are you're getting all the vitamins and minerals you need through the foods you eat. If your diet is less than stellar, you could be lacking in important nutrients such as calcium, fiber and vitamins C and E. There are certain people who could benefit from a supplement regardless of their diets. If you're over age 50, you may need extra vitamin B12 and vitamin D from supplements or fortified foods. Pregnant women need a prenatal multivitamin containing folic acid to prevent birth defects. And vegetarians or vegans might also consider adding a multivitamin to their diets in order to ensure they're getting nutrients such as iron, calcium and vitamin B12 that are commonly found in animal-based food sources. Talk to your doctor to find the best one for you.
If you ate right, which is defined as the healthiest food options that meet your calorie and activity needs and supply all needed essential nutrients, then you would not really need to supplement your diet. However, no one eats right. The amount of calories it would take to meet dietary guidelines would exceed 2400 calories a day, and that is for a non-exerciser. Obstacles to ideal nutrient intake are a lack of daily activity that would allow you to eat that much and poor food choices that are high in sugar, salt and fat. The activity required to handle that many calories would make you, by default, an exerciser…increasing your needs over those of a sedentary person. The real-life likelihood that someone focused on health eats a perfect diet is slim. For most people, even though calorie intake is above needs, nutrient intake is inadequate for ideal health. For the majority of people, the use of a properly formulated multivitamin and mineral formula, like the dotFIT ActiveMV, will fill in the gaps and ensure better nutritional status. 

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