My Confessional: Ashley S., Atopic Dermatitis

Pharmacist Ashley S. does not let atopic dermatitis define her life.

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I think that the more I talk about it, the more I share, the more I realize just how common eczema is
and just how comforting it is when you're talking to other people that really do know exactly what you're going through.
I'm Ashley S, and this is my confessional.
So I am a pharmacist living in Tennessee. I was diagnosed with eczema as a baby.
My earliest treatments were home therapies initially and prescription medication as well,
but when you're that young, it's a lot harder to treat with the types of medications that I use now.
My lowest point was when I lived in Arizona. There were days where I would touch my face
or any part of my body and the skin would flake off, and those were some really painful days to just making it
through day to day in the heat. The pivotal moment in my battle with eczema really just came recently, but just
in the last couple of years, I realize that it doesn't define me. Now I find relief with a consistent skincare routine
and just really staying hydrated and listening to my body listening to what my skin is telling me
and you being proactive about treating it. What brings joy to my life? I love sailing.
I competed in sail racing on Lake Michigan for a few years and absolutely loved it.
I have two wonderful dogs that are spoiled rotten. And I'm a pharmacist by career, and I
found I love sharing a business that I have on the side with skincare and makeup because I love being able to share
and empower other women. The advice they would give to others with eczema is that it is going to be hard some days.
If you allow yourself grace to really try to understand the best way to treat the type of eczema that you have, then you will get to that point
of freedom from it sooner. So just listen to yourself. Listen to your doctors and do what feels right
and pay attention because you can avoid some of those triggers. You can avoid those flares. But it will be up and down, and that's OK.

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