What can I do if exercising has made my neck muscles big and bulky?


Perform exercises that place less emphasis on the muscles of the neck and shoulders. Take a second look at your workouts and make sure they are balanced to stress all the major regions of the body. (Chest, Back, Shoulders, Arms, and Legs.)

Sadie Lincoln
Sadie Lincoln on behalf of barre3
If you are getting bulky muscles at the sides of the neck and top of the shoulder, you are probably overdeveloping your trapezius muscles. I hear this complaint when clients have improper form, or overdo push-ups in their workout routine. Static Plank hold is an excellent substitution for push-up addicts! Plank is a great pose for the whole body. In my classes I help clients find proper alignment. You want Plank to be a sweaty hold, where you can find ease and fluid breath.

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