Can I increase muscle mass through circuit training?

Wendy Batts
Circuit training is a style of workout where resistance exercises are performed one after the other with little or no rest in between. While the amount of muscle mass one can build will largely be impacted by nutrition and training parameters, circuit training can definitely contribute to increases in muscle mass.  Circuit strength training that incorporates higher load, higher volume and smaller amounts of rest in between exercise sets assists in building more muscle.
Yes, circuit training is a great form of resistance training for anyone who wants to either increase muscle mass or decrease body fat and who is limited on time. If the goal is to increase muscle mass, then you must use specific training variables. The training variables are the number of repetitions, the number of circuits, the intensity, how many times you perform the exercises each week, and how long of a rest period you will take. To get your muscles body to grow in size, you will need to perform between three and five sets of six to twelve repetitions. You should choose an intensity of between 75%-85% of your one repetition maximum, and rest periods can be anywhere from 0-60 seconds. While circuit training, it usually works best to do total-body routines and perform the routines up to three times per week. Keep in mind that your body must have a stimulus to which it can adapt in order to change, so it is important to progress yourself through each step of the muscle building program. It can take 4 to 6 weeks to see any visual differences, but if you continue overloading the muscles and provide them with the right kind of fuel then they will grow.

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