What are the types of pelvic tilt?

Pelvic tilt has been getting a lot of press lately secondary to the link of poor core stability and anterior pelvic tilt. There are three types of pelvic tilts: Anterior, Posterior and lateral. To best describe these types picture your pelvis as a large bowl. The front of the bowl, under the belly button is anterior, the back of the bowl, above the glutes is posterior and the hip bones on the side of the body are lateral. No picture the bowl filled with liquid.

During anterior pelvic tilt, the pelvis is tilted forward, meaning the liquid would pour out the front. This type of tilt is very common in the general population and is often associated with a number of injuries including low back pain, and muscle strains.

During posterior pelvic tilt the back portion of the pelvis is tilted downward. Meaning our imaginary liquid will spill out the back of the bowl. The last type is lateral tilting. This occurs when either the left or right side of the pelvis is higher than the other side.  This is common individuals with severe scoliosis or those with unilateral muscle imbalances.

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