What should a physical activity program include?


A physical activity program should always include the following kinds of training:

Flexibility training, which includes stretching and flexibility exercises. Shoot for 15 minutes/session, every day if possible.

Resistance training, which includes weight training with machines, bands, balls dumbbells, barbells, etc. Shoot for 30-45 minutes/session, 3x/week for beginners.

Cardiovascular training, which includes aerobic training (any exercise that gets your heart rate up). Examples include the treadmill, elliptical, stationary bike or stair climber. Or you can take your workout outside, and run, swim, or bike ride. Shoot for 30-45 minutes/session, 3-5x/week.

A physical activity program should include all the elements that have research and science behind it based on the OPT model created by The National Academy of Sports Medicine. The recommended structure in a program is laid out starting with flexibility on to core training then speed or agility and resistance training... In addition to a structured program put into place make sure you take time for fun activities with family and friends like hiking, walking, biking, and volleyball etc.

A physical activity program should include  flexibility, cardiorespiratory, resistance, and plyometric training components. The more robust and varied  the program, the better. If you need further guidance, don't be afraid to sit down with a certified personal trainer, or have them take you through a training session.

A complete physical activity routine includes four kinds of activity:
  • Activity -- walking, using the stairs, moving around -- throughout the day
  • Aerobic exercise, such as brisk walking, swimming, or dancing
  • Strength training, like lifting light weights
  • Flexibility exercises, such as stretching

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