How does regular exercise keep me fit?

Exercise can keep you fit in several ways depending on the type of exercise performed.

Strength training is excellent for strengthening your muscles, bones, and joints. In addition, strength training can improve posture, muscular endurance, and slightly boost your metabolism with the addition of lean body mass. All of these effects will allow you to lift heavier loads (whether it's a suitcase, child, or barbell), perform activities for a longer period of time without your muscles fatiguing, and even look better in the mirror.

Cardiorespiratory exercise (such as walking, running, or swimming) is excellent for strengthening your heart and lungs. Your heart and lungs will be able to pump more blood and oxygen to working muscles with less effort (known as improved cardiac output), improving your endurance. This will enable you to perform activities without getting winded (struggling to catch your breath).

Regular exercise will keep you fit and healthy by challenging your body consistently through resistance, and cardio training. The constant resistance and cardio that is applied to the human body will ensure that the muscles and the systems being trained will perform at optimum levels. When the body performs and functions at optimum levels this will reduce the risk of certain injuries, and some diseases. 

Regular exercise will also help keep you emotionally fit. The research states that regular exercise provides an enhanced mood (feeling more positive and better able to deal with situations that come up), more clear thought process (the ability to think more quickly and make better decisions), better sleep (falling asleep more quickly, longer periods of deep sleep and feeling more refreshed in the morning), reduced stress (things are less stressful and dealt with in a less stressful way), less anxiety (situations are less anxiety provoking and anxiety is dealt with in a more efficient way)and improves levels of depression (exercise improves mood alleviating one of the top symptoms). 

I am assuming that 'regular excercise' is referring to an exercise routine which the individual performs several times a week at home or at the health club.  These types of regular exercise routines will generally help to maintain or improve fitness levels depending upon the structure and intensity of the routine. 

I would like to mention a type of 'regular exercise' which is easy to do and could help to inspire physical activity.  I call it 'parking lot fitness'.  Everyone has seen someone or been personally guilty of driving around a parking lot looking for the closest parking spot.  In the same respect, some people are guilty of driving from one end of a strip mall to the other in order to shop at different stores.  My suggestion is to use these opportunities to keep your body stimulated.  When you pull into a parking lot--just park.  If you need to go to a store a couple hundred yards away--just walk.  These small types of 'regular exercise' are a subtle lifestyle change but may prove to be benficials in the long run.  Hope this helps  

Regular exercise will keep your body fit in a variety of ways.  Much of this will depend on your goals so if your goal is to be fit and stay fit then be sure to stay active and you will be able to achieve your goal.

Staying fit through aerobic activity will help keep your heart and lungs strong.  Keeping these strong will help send oxygen to your muscle.  This will result in an increased endurance and the ability to prevent you from getting winded.

Strength training will also be very important for everyday activities.  Lifting weights will allow your body to be prepared for everyday movements.  In addition, you will be stronger over time which will help increase bone density which will be very beneficial for your body in the long haul.

Regular exercise is very good for your body and can keep you healthy. It is helpful to do cardiovascular exercise, which can get your heart rate up, therefore strengthening your heart and helping to lower your blood pressure. Regular exercise also helps to tone your muscles and increase your metabolism. You can see a benefit in your cholesterol and glucose, which can have a long-term benefit in your health.

Exercising regularly is the key to staying fit for a long, healthy life.  Adding regular exercise, at least 30 minutes a day into your lifestyle helps:

  • Promote weight loss and weight maintenance – moving burns calories and balances your calorie budget, keeping your body's energy in equilibrium.
  • Put you in a better mood.  Exercise has been shown to not only elevate your mood, but it also helps prevent depression.
  • Combat chronic disease – including high blood pressure, osteoporosis, high cholesterol, heart disease, type 2 diabetes and certain types of cancer.
  • Give your energy level a kick into high gear!

Now if you are wondering how you can add regular exercise into your life, here a few tips to get you moving:

  1. Buy a pedometer and start getting in 10,000 steps per day. You can easily add steps into your day by doing things like parking in the last spot at the store or taking the stairs instead of the elevator.  Don’t be afraid to run up some of those stairs as well!
  2. Add simple, quick exercises into your day:  do things like lunges down the hall, stand up from your desk every hour and take a short walk, pace during phone calls and do 20 squats or do crunches while you watch TV.
Regular exercise will definitely keep you fit and has many great health benefits, but learning how to fit exercise into your life, will keep you exercising for the rest of your life!

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