How soon can my son resume playing basketball after a groin strain?

National Athletic Trainers' Association
National Athletic Trainers' Association

Groin strains can be very painful injuries. Pain is a good indication that an athlete is not ready to return to sports participation. Active rest is required for recovery. This means that the athlete should exercise, but not participate in activities that cause him pain. For a groin strain, this means that he can perform cardiovascular activities like running/jogging, elliptical, and stationary bicycle if pain-free. It means that he cannot yet perform activities that require him to move quickly in different directions.

After pain begins to diminish, he will need to stretch his hip and groin area to allow for the muscle to regain good function. It is recommended that he warm up with cardiovascular activities before stretching. Each stretch should be held for approximately 30 seconds and should be performed 1-5 times.

When he returns to basketball, he will need to make sure that he warms up and stretches before playing each time. With all injuries, it is always a good idea to follow up with a physician to ensure appropriate assessment of the injury. The physician may refer your son to an appropriate healthcare provider, such as an athletic trainer, to assist him with a progressive rehabilitation program.

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